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Keyword Search Subscriber Discount.

Keyword Search Subscriber Discount Image
Our Keyword Search Subscriber Discount, is a special service exclusively for Our Subscribers ONLY.

From the special members area, you can download "Country specific" keyword research reports. These reports will cover all niche markets, in many different Countries. They will be posted in the members area each month for all subscribers & members to use.

All keyword search reports are SEO targeted and will be current at the time of producing them. They will show what keyword terms you actually have a chance of ranking for. The number of searches volume each month, and some meta tag information. The new keywords or key phrases could easily be added to your website around fresh content.

As content is very important to the search engines. The more frequently you add new content, the more frequently the search engines will visit your website for indexing. New content added to your site, that is useful to your visitors. Will give you a much better chance of achieving higher rankings.

As a subscriber you can order up to 5 niche specific keyword research reports a month, at a cost of $3.00 each. You will get the completed report within 48 hours. Each report will include competing websites information and other relevant data, as described above. It is very important not to get hung up on too much keyword searching. You simply need to find a few good ones, then concentrate on ranking for them, before searching for more!

The Keyword Search Process.

The tools we use extracts raw data from Google's main search engine. We then collate that information and organise it into an easy to read report,  Finally showing the specific competitiveness of a keyword
or key phrase. Providing the best, and up to date information needed to assess a keyword's worth. 

More information can be obtained from the Main Keyword Search Page.




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